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Who We Are

We are a group of agile coaches, technologists and scrum masters passionate about lean product development.

We are aware that each agile journey is different, whether you are building your business from scratch or trying to make a career switch to Agile you want to make sure you are building the right thing the right way. So, since sometimes you just need a little push in a specific direction, 180 Agile is here to help you with your next step. Maybe you're a CTO trying to make sure your product delivers value and you only need to make sure your stakeholders can see it, perhaps you are clear on what to build but you have no idea on how to create a backlog or write a user story appropriately, don't worry, we got your back.


We start with a call to talk about what motivates you, what you want to get from an agile journey and how fast we can start delivering value together.


Let's build a plan, establish which are the learning points, the goals and of course what you and your organization consider valuable.


Through the execution 180agile can help you understand how your plan is going, making everything visible, allowing you to tell the story and understand how to remove impediments and take advantage of validated feedback.

Rinse and Repeat

The key to a healthy agile implementation is relentless improvement, we can provide you with processes and tools to constantly refine your business. Also in case you wish, we can run it for you.

What We Do

We tailor our conversations and our involvement in general to your needs.

Some companies or individuals don't have either the possibility or the interest to have full time Agile Coaches within their organization, but still want to drive their business fostering lean and agile values.

Agile Coaching

One on one sessions to talk about your specific needs, it could be you're going through an agile transformation and have some specific questions about what to do next, let's hop on a video call and figure it together!

Agile Portfolio Management Tool Administration

Got the idea but have no clue on how to translate that to say… Jira? Our team of experts can provide not only the administration but to put in place a process and coach you to own it and understand the metrics that can provide your stakeholders the visibility they want.


So you thought that having all your Scrum Masters certified you would automatically have an Agile organization? Think again. We can provide all the training needed to fill all those gaps and help you deliver value in short periods of time, removing bottlenecks and waste.

Agile at Scale

You have a bunch of teams working together and things are becoming slower and messy? 180 Agile can help you turn that around to bring alignment and synchronization to start delivering like an oiled machine. Our coaches are certified SPCs and have vast experience using the SAFe Agile values to enhance your organization's agility.

Lead by example

Need an hourly Product Owner or Scrum Master? We can provide our services by the hour and embed in your team to help you build agility from within.


Do you need to define a series of templates or working agreements? We can help you with sprint reports, definition of done, definition of ready, user stories, documentation repositories such as Confluence and more!


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